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Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Hebrew version of the Injustice Experience Questionnaire – long and short versions

Yael ParnesTamar PincusMichael Sullivan & Noa Ben Ami

Received 03 Jul 2021, Accepted 26 Jan 2022, Published online: 10 Feb 2022



To translate, validate, and culturally adapt the Injustice Experience Questionnaire (IEQ) and IEQ Short Form (IEQ-SF) into Hebrew, as measuring tools for examining feelings of injustice in cases of accidents and chronic pain.


The translation was performed in several steps following the cross-cultural adaptation process. A sample of 150 patients suffering from traumatic injury fill out a battery of questionnaires: IEQ, IEQ-SF, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS), Numeric Pain Rating Scale (NPRS), and Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS), which were used for calculating construct validity. A test–retest was performed on 41 patients.


The IEQ and IEQ-SF found Cronbach's alpha of 0.92 and 0.84, respectively. Test–retest reliability for IEQ (ICC: 0.94) was found to be excellent. Spearman’s correlation coefficient between IEQ and PCS was 0.68, NPRS (severe pain: 0.45, average pain: 0.51), HADS (anxiety: 0.62, depression: 0.60). The correlation between IEQ-SF and PCS was 0.67, with HADS (anxiety: 0.52, depression: 0.48). A weak correlation was found for NPRS (severe pain: 0.30, average pain: 0.34).


The Israeli translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the IEQ and IEQ-SF questionnaires were found to be valid and reliable.

  • Implications for rehabilitation

  • The perception of injustice is a significant mental and psychological factor for recovery after accidents and injuries.

  • This study translated, validated and culturally adapted the Injustice Experience Questionnaire (IEQ) and the short form into Hebrew.

  • The questionnaires were found to be valid and reliable in Hebrew.

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